November 2010

40 Creative Logo Designs inspired by Fishes.

NaldzGraphics center on how fish images have been used for logos representing companies, societies and products. Browse through this 40 Creative Logo Designs Inspired by Fishes and be inspired!

Trademarking a logo. Step-by-step.

In this guest post at TheLogoFactory, trademark attorney David Owens takes a look at how you should trademark your new logo, and how to protect if from unauthorized use by other parties.

Logo design FUBAR.

Many logo design projects run the risk of getting derailed, sometimes because of well-intentioned actions of the client or designer. TheLogoFactory discusses a few issues to watch for and how to deal with them when they occur.

Logo Design: Circles.

The Logo Design series at Abduzeedo was bound to arrive here… The Circle. As usual in this excellent series, they’ve scoured the web for the best examples of logos based on the circle.

33 Numerical Logo Designs.

When a number is used in an intelligent and creative way it can make a logo design more memorable and can increase the impact of the logo. BlueBlots presents 33 number themed logos that make clever use of numbers.

25 tempting Food Logos.

The attractive logo designs for restaurants, fast food chains, dine-in, cafes and parlors can be mouth-watering, so LogoGuru presents 25 scrumptious and tempting food logo designs to get you drooling.

Square Logo Designs.

The Logo Design series at Abduzeedo continues it’s ongoing quest… today it’s all about squares! As usual, you’ll find some great designs.

10 logo design ‘Do Nots’.

TheLogoFactory provides us with a list of ten logo design ‘do nots’ – things that you positively should not do when designing a logo.

October 2010

Logo Design: Clouds.

Appropriately enough, PixelClouds has rounded up a collection of beautiful and creative logo designs featuring clouds. Enjoy…

100 hot new fresh Logo Designs.

Designrfix has assembled an amazing collection of fresh new creative logos. Sit back, relax and enjoy the showcase… there’s a lot to get through.