December 2010

40 amazing Wine based logos.

InspirationFeed have collected some brilliantly designed wine logos. These examples will show you how the wine industry is changing and what kind of designs work. There are plenty more examples here at The Graphic Post, feel free to try the Search Button.

50 best Creative Logo Designs from 2010.

2010 logo designs showed an increasing amount of creativity, with typography logos playing a great role, as well as negative space logos, monogram logos and shape logos as the main logo design trends from this past year. CreativeFan has a tasty showcase featuring some of the best.

30 creative Tradesmen Logos.

Tradies should always be able to present a front of solidarity and capability and their logos should follow suit. If a logo is what represents their business the logo has to show their strengths and not present any weaknesses. Skyje has a showcase of some good ones.

30 Light Bulb based Logo designs.

One of the most common used symbols in logo design is a light bulb. Many logo designers use it to symbolize light, innovation, ideas, and electricity.  For InspirationFeed’s own logo, they decided a light bulb would be used instead of the letter i. This symbolizes inspiration and ideas that you get from browsing their articles

A visual explanation of 20 Logo Design Processes.

Logo Design Processes vary from designer to designer, and these information can provide an insight into the designer’s mind. AhmedGalal has diligently collected a roundup of 20 fine examples.

Modern Church and Religious Groups Logo Designs.

Churches and other religious groups and ministries are starting to create logos to suit today’s generation. 1stWebDesigner has a heavenly showcase for your inspiration.

Logo Design Trends: Pixels.

By their nature, the symbols created using pixels tend to look quite basic and often quite abstract. They convey the idea of elements coming together to create a recognizable icon. So now for your viewing pleasure and inspiration, Sitepoint presents a small collection of logos using pixels as a major design element.

November 2010

Logo Design Trends: The Shift.

The Shift style of logo’s roots lie in print rather than web design and they appear as transparent overlays of color. The shift look appears as letters or objects in RGB or CMYK, appearing as though they are misregistered or printed incorrectly. These logos tend to have limited colors and a very clean look despite the overlapping layers. Sitepoint takes a look at a few examples to see what makes these logos unique yet fit into a category.

28 Beautiful and Modern Logotypes.

The main necessity of a logo is to be representative, unique, and easy recognizable. TutToaster lists 25+ beautiful, elegant, modern and vibrant logotypes that meet those requirements. Some great stuff here.

Highly Clever Monogram Logos.

Monograms are essentially motifs made from combining letters and shapes in overlapping or negative space creations that result in the creation of a new letter, shape or idea. CreativeFan has decided to gather up some very clever monogram logos, from anything to one-letter shapes to combinations of several letters and shapes to create an intricate design.