August 2009

Evolution of logos from popular websites.

A company brand is always evolving and sometimes the logo tags along too. BuildInternet has roped together a collection of some logos that have undergone rather neat tweaks and adjustments over the years. Given that the internet world is still relatively new in that grand scheme of things, internet companies don’t quite have the number of revisions as more established industries (automotive, manufacturing, etc.) might have. Check it out.

20 super creative logos.

TJDzine showcases 20 super creative and inspirational logos. The logos are linked to the designers website.

Hidden meanings in popular logos.

Sometimes a company or brand logo is more than it first appears. WalletPop takes a look at the hidden meanings or messages embedded in popular logos. You won’t look at these designs the same way again.

20 super creative logos to draw inspiration.

Hello everyone, in this article TJdezine is going to showcase 20 super creative and inspirational logos. The logos are linked to the designers website.

45 creative logo designs.

ProBlogDesign have selected some beautiful and creative logos that will hopefully inspire you, and give you an idea of some current logo design trends.

Considering logo redesign.

What’s in a new logo? It can invigorate a company’s image or squander its brand equity. To see which gambles paid off, Fortune turned to a few experts to judge some of the most dramatic transformations.

The process of logo design.

SmashLabs very generously takes us ‘behind the scenes’ to provide a snapshot of the process involved in designing a logo. What often is missed when looking at a logo, however, is that it is just one part of a full identity package that is informed by deliberate observation, and carefully crafted to fit with a larger strategy. Enlightening.

Weird and playful logos.

GraphicDesignBlog presents two interesting categories with 20 logos each: Playful Logos and Weird Logos. Fortunately, he explains what constitutes ‘playful’ and ‘weird’.

50 beautiful examples of packaging design.

The guys over at UnionRoom couldn’t help but be impressed with how much design and effort can go into packaging, especially when you consider that once it’s been used that packaging is then just thrown away. They’ve taken a look around and compiled some beautiful packaging just for you.

Creative logos with heart.

It’s wonderful to see 50 different solutions to a common theme. Pelfusion has managed to collect 50 creative logos using a heart as the theme. Lovely.