January 2011

How to Trademark a Logo step by step.

After selecting a logo for your business, you will want to secure the trademark rights for that logo by trademarking it. JustCreativeDesign presents step by step instructions for protecting your logo in the United States, noting that protecting your logo in other countries is beyond the scope of this article.

How Seasons can effect a Logo Design.

Many a times we see that logos being designed in a specific season reflect the moods and feelings of the designer because of that particular season. LogoBlog examines how the four seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring influence logo designing.

Logo Design: Coffee.

Last week Abduzeedo had a post on logos with butterflies… today it’s all about coffee logos! That includes coffee brands and coffee shops. You’ll find lots more coffee related designs right here at The Graphic Post, just do a simple search for more.

Logo Identity Guideline Template for download.

ImJustCreative presents a basic template for the A4 single page set of identity guidelines for a general logo design. You can download below. It covers the basic essentials that a client needs to keep the identity looking consistent and to avoid abusing the use of it such as distorting the image, changing colours, changing fonts etc.

Asian/Oriental Themed Logo Designs.

Assuming your target market is primarily Westerners, a good Asian themed logo will involve a mix of Asian style with Western aesthetic. The logos at SpeckyBoy include fantastic examples Asian themed logos for products or services targeting English-speaking consumers.

Logo Design: Butterflies.

The excellent Logo Design series at Abduzeedo continues into 2011, and they start the year cheerfully with Butterflies. As usual they scour through Logopond, Logo Faves, Logo Moose, Logo from Dreams, Logo Gala, WS Logos, The Logo Mix and Wolda.

Top 40 Logos of The Year 2010.

Last year was a very good one for logo designers, the biggest proof being represented by the increased number of logos posted in diverse website galleries or on websites that allow the presentation of personal artworks. Aext has a showcase of some of the best.

Showcase of Architect Logos by Color.

CrazyLeaf have analyzed what colors architect logos and brands tend to use to establish trust and credibility and we’ve found that architects tend to use black, red, blue or green in their logos. Here are 21 architect logos categorized by color that they hope you will find inspirational!

50 Beautiful Text Logos.

Text logos are very simple in appearance but they aren’t necessarily simple to design. If you want to produce a high impact text logo, you need a high level of experience with font types and the knowledge of how each font transmits a certain message. You can see 50 beautiful text logos for your inspiration at TopDesignMag.

December 2010

The Best and Worst Identities of 2010.

UnderConsideration divides up the Best and Worst Identity selections in separate posts, because there is a lot of information (including summaries of all the polls) and it will be easier to digest. Here is Part I: The Worst, and Part II: The Best.