May 2011

Logo Design: Squids and Octopuses.

Who else but Abduzeedo would post a showcase all about logos with squids and octopuses! Tentacular good fun, check them out.

Beautiful Shapes of Logo Designs.

SmashingHub shares this interesting collection of 30 Logos with beautiful shapes. I’m not convinced about the shapes being beautiful, but the variety of logos is certainly worth a look. They ‘speak for themselves’.

April 2011

Logo Combinations: Locks and Keys.

This series at SdwHaven is about specific logo design combinations that you see in branding, the icons that companies and brands use to go with their names and/or tag lines. This week’s combination is logos that use locks and keys in their design.

Logo Designs created with strong Typographic Elements.

Type-based logo designs not only are simple but attention grabbing as well. This post at SmashingApps contains a collection of some amazingly simple yet effective and powerful logo designs that are based on typography.

A showcase of inspirational Tree Logos.

By using a tree logo for a company, a designer is telling the world, graphically, that a company is successful, stable and able to grow. Hongkiat showcases the effective use of tree logo designs by companies that have successfully utilized the universal symbol of the tree to represent their businesses.

The Spoon, Fork and Knife in Logo Design.

Many logo designers use cutlery very cleverly in their designs, especially for logos which are created for restaurants and bars etc. DesignBeep presents a collection of logos using a spoon, fork and knife.

Creative Logos inspired by Houses.

Designmodo showcase the successful way logos are used to represent Real Estate Agencies. Usually these are represented by houses and they are easy to recognize.

Modern Church And Religious Logos.

Churches and places of worship, as different as they may be, often all share the same goals of peace, unity and wisdom. These logos at TopDesignMag have an image, emblem or symbol related to religious symbols and icons.

Circular Emblem Logos.

Many kind of logos are using circle as the basic shape. They can have modern design look, outlined graphics, or it can be created as emblem.  GraphicIdentity presents a small collection of circle emblem logo designs that they’ve found on some logo design galleries.

37 beautiful Yellow Logo Designs.

Aside from being so eye-catching, yellow signifies happiness too. It is usually used in health, safety equipment and hazard signs due to its high visibility. CreativeOverflow has an impressive collection of yellow logos.