July 2010

70 beautiful Animal Logo Designs.

If you are looking to create an animal based logo, this roundup at InspirationFeed will help you. They’ve collected some truly innovative animal logo designs, all hand-picked and based on quality to make the cut. If you want even more, just search TGP for ‘Animal’… there’s plenty to see.

40 beautifully designed Bird Logos.

Birds (and wings) are a very popular theme in logo design, most often suggesting flight or freedom. But not always. Pelfusion has collected a bunch of diverse logos which have bird illustrations or impressions.

Logo Design: Water.

Abduzeedo continues with The Logo Design series, and this time they’re focused on Water. As usual, they’ve found the best from Logopond, Logo Faves, Logo Moose, Logo from Dreams, Logo Gala, WS Logos, The Logo Mix and Wolda.

Rainbow Logo Designs.

A very popular new trend in the world of design is the use of spectrum colours in logo design. PixelClouds has collected a number of elegant and modern logo designs which incorporate the colours of the rainbow.

Really creative Logos for Hotels and Restaurants.

It is important for restaurants and hotels to have a logo which makes the consumers love them. The logo should be such that it should convey what ambience you can find in the hotel, what food you could expect at the restaurant. Another important point that should be in a restaurant logo is that they should be easy to read, they should not be very complex to understand. Artatm presents 40 fine examples for your consideration.

The ‘Festoon’ Logo Design Trend of 2010.

One of the logo design trends of 2010 is wave logos, referred to as ‘Festoon’ by logolounge. The concept in making these designs is to use waves in such a way so as to create an overlapping and transparent effect. These logos can be used to depict a sign of joyfulness, celebration, calmness and composure. LogoBlog presents 22 inspirational logos that perfectly display this phenomenal wave or the festoon effect.

25 inspirational Coffee Logos.

TheRoxor has just returned from a trip to Amsterdam. During his stay, he came across a lot of beautiful coffee shops (no, not the kind where they sell weed…). Most of these coffee shops had really beautiful logo designs. That’s what inspired him to compile this list of 25 awesome coffee logos.

Ten ways to avoid making a creative logo.

A well-designed logo is timeless, simple, memorable, versatile and appropriate. But then there are the hideous, the bizarre, the unreadable and the offensive. The things that make a logo truly awful aren’t easy to define, but you know a bad one when you see it – clip art, raster graphics, unrelated imagery and poor choices in typeface. Check out the horrors at WebUrbanist.

28 striking Line Art Logos.

Line art is not a new technique in graphic designing, but a relatively fresh concept in logo design. This skill involves the use of straight or curved lines on a plain background to carve out a fascinating logo design. LogoGuru presents an inspiring collection of 28 remarkable line art logos.

A collection of creative Photographer Logo Designs.

Photography, like design, is a creative profession and photographers provide a great subject for talented logo designers. The photographer logos at SpeckyBoy are great examples of creative logo design from around the world