October 2010

T-Shirt Design Tutorials on Separating Colors.

If you are new to screen printing, you may not know where to begin when it comes to getting artwork ready for printing. Separating images into colors is an important step. DeltaDesignz feature a collection of great tutorials on preparing your t-shirt designs for screen printing and how to separate colors in Photoshop and Illustrator.

September 2010

What you should know about Gradients.

Gradients are a great way to add lifelike lighting and shading to surfaces. When built with gradient layers and layer styles, they also ensure UI elements can be scaled and reused easily. This article at Bjango starts with a few things you probably know, but gets more advanced quite quickly.

30 lovely Programme Brochure Designs.

A programme brochure guides guests all throughout an event. It should give them good reasons to look forward to every activity or presentation through informative content and outstanding design. To help you come up with a creative print material, BPO have compiled 30 lovely programme brochure design examples to give you sheer inspiration.

33 exciting Event Brochure designs.

When it’s time for you to come up with a creative invitation for your clients, add a little twist to it by designing a brochure instead of a card. Learn how you can make every page of your brochure look interesting and visually appealing by getting some ideas from these event brochure design examples at UPrinting.

Photoshop Patterns for your next design project.

The use of patterns are really helpful in web design for creating some awesome web backgrounds using repeating patterns. 1stWebDesigner presents over 800 patterns files for download which you can directly used in Photoshop. They’re useful for any graphic design project.

Delicious Restaurant Brochure Designs.

An effective restaurant brochure design has the ability to appeal to your customers’ senses and eventually get them to eat at your place. It needs to have delectable photos of food in order to sell your dishes and increase people’s appetite. BPO presents 12 examples of restaurant brochures designed to function as advertising tools or actual menus.

Innovations in Portraiture.

You’d think that after thousands of years, we’d have exhausted the many techniques and innovations in portraiture. Although there are some techniques we’re more used to seeing than others, Behance creatives continue to step up and demonstrate innovative ways to consider and represent their fellow humans.

A Brochure Design Showcase.

Brochures are an important marketing material for many companies. A well-designed and professional-looking brochure can go a long way towards an effective marketing campaign. VandelayDesign showcase 45 brochures from various designers (via the Behance Network).

Taking a look at Tartan.

Tartan is modern and traditional–a staple of Scottish clans and international fashion runways alike. From a color and pattern standpoint–important factors distinguishing one tartan from the next–it’s a bold, eye-catching textile with the ability to declare one’s family history as immediately as it can one’s personal sense of style. It’s certainly a favorite with pattern makers at COLOURlovers, and they’re taking a look at how all of tartan’s aspects come together.

Some amazing Retro Style Illustrations.

DzineBlog means to prove that there is more than one way of being a retro-style illustrator, and that there is great freedom of expression within this very popular trend. They’ll be checking out the different works of some illustrators that have adopted this style but have managed at the same time to make it personal and truly unique. Here’s PART ONE and PART TWO.