June 2009

Free library for designers.

So it’s not the Library of Alexandria in all it’s glory, but designers need reference work like all professionals. Along comes PositiveSpaceBlog with 30 more essential PDF documents every designer should download. Of course you need to link to the original post to aggregate it up to 60 essential PDFs.

Patterns sans seams.

Seamless patterns are always useful. There are heaps out there for the picking, but the Web Design Ledger has collected 100 new and beautiful seamless patterns created in the past few months.

Color psychology, take a seat on the couch.

There’s no need to tell you the importance of color selection in design, especially in corporate identity. But how and why do we make these choices? Are we making the right choice? Logo Critiques explores color psychology in logo design to point you in the right direction.

There appears to be a pattern here.

Used carefully, a background pattern can be a useful graphic element in many situations. Pattern Cooler offers a huge selection of free seamless background patterns that you can play with. Well categorised and with the ability to manipulate colors, it’s a useful resource.

Wicked Adobe tips.

Don’t you just love to get a hot tip. Especially if it’s from an authoritive ‘in-the-know’ source. Well, the folks at Layers Magazine have gone straight to the horses mouth: the Senior Product Manager at Adobe. If you use an Adobe product (and what designer doesn’t), this post is for you.

T-shirt T-emplates

T-shirt design can be a lot of fun, but showing a mockup of the design can sometimes prove tricky. Not if you have a classy template. Spoongraphics have collected a fine selection of useful PSD and vector templates for you to display your creative flair.

May 2009

Become a deviant.

This is one of my favourite sites which I visit every day. DeviantART is a huge community of designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. Join up and showcase your own work, or simply browse the various categories for inspiration. They’ve been around for almost nine years and just keep growing.

I heart grunge.

Grunge design elements are a great way to give a design a worn and weathered look. Since it’s a popular style in modern web design, there are plenty of resources out there, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the ones that are the highest quality. The Web Design Ledger has compiled an excellent collection of grunge textures and brushes.

And if you need the fonts, InstantShift provides 105 free grunge fonts. Grunge rules.