March 2011

16 Brochures you don’t see everyday.

Designers of the following 16 brochures at GraphicFetish took the idea of grabbing attention to an extreme, and definitely succeeded in creating brochures that no one could resist reading.

January 2011

Awesome Flyer Designs.

FlyerFolio publishes the most awesome flyer and poster designs around the world. Everyone can submit a design and if applicable it is featured on

Creative and awesome examples of Flyer Designs.

Key effectiveness of a flyer lie in its design. It should be visually interesting, easy to remember, able to catch peoples attention fast and not contain too much information. In this article, TripwireMagazine has rounded up examples of Creative Flyers Designs.

Classy examples of Vintage Coupon designs.

As a tribute to the designers back in the 20th century, InspirationFeed decided to roundup some great examples of vintage discount coupon designs. Whether the design is creative/clever, its very interesting to see what kind of style(trend) was in fashion.

A Guide to Catchy Color Combinations.

Do you want your designs to stand out more? A catchy color combination is a great, simple way to do that. And what better way to find eye-catching combination than to look to some masters of design: The Designers Republic. Hence, OneExtraPixel presents: The Designers Republic guide to catchy color combinations.

Beautifully Colorful Typographic Book Covers.

SpeckyBoy has a collection of typography based book cover designs. With this collection they hope to inspire and demonstrate how important and creative typography can be. To make it easier and more interesting for your viewing pleasure they have been categorized by color.

A list of colors and their accepted names.

The following is a comprehensive list of colors that are included in the Wikipedia articles about color. RGB values are given for each swatch, but it is not possible to accurately convert many of these swatches to CMYK values because of the differing gamuts of the two spaces. However the color management systems built into operating systems and image editing software attempt such conversions as accurately as possible.

25 Best Catalog Designs.

Catalog design needs to be creative and captivating enough to instigate an interest among prospective buyers and users. To stand out, some designers give that extra touch to the design. Slodive present 25 really dazzling and creative Catalog Designs to make your day and give you some inspiration.

Superb examples of iPhone Interface Design.

Without a doubt the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone industry.  This piece of technology has pushed the boundaries of creativity, offering developers a new environment. TopDesignMag presents 30 hand picked examples of iPhone interface design.

Design Dilemma: Choosing a color from Paint Chips.

What’s the hardest part of repainting a space? Choosing the paint color. There’s no way to really know until you’ve slapped a few coats of paint on a wall. But you can help ease the color selection somewhat by following a few principles (suggested by paint and color experts) at HomeDesignFind.