May 2011

Secret to cohesive Color Schemes.

Erica Schoonmaker has discovered a secret to cohesive color schemes, and reveals all on her Dribbble website. This is an intelligent approach to making aesthetic decisions that you must try. Bravo Erica!

Illustrated Recipes by Pan & Peter.

Abduzeedo features Pan & Peter Recetas Ilustradas, a new blog that comes up with delicious recipes and then present them in awesome, cute illustrations. These are truly great, simple recipes and you should really check them out often for more of these illustrations.

300 excellent Photoshop Actions.

For good design need good resources, and some of the resources we use regularly are Photoshop Brushes and Actions. LevelGraphic shares 300 excellent Photoshop Actions you can choose from, and use them for any project such as a web page, poster or advertisement.

Awesome Wedding Invitations.

Wedding Invitations are one of the most personal design projects most designers will encounter. Couples sometimes want their Invitation to be unique, regardless of cost, and to reflect their personality or social status. SadiaKomal has collected 15 examples of awesome invites.

April 2011

Best Flyer Illustration designs.

When designing Promotional Flyers, Illustrators can let their wildest concepts come to life. There are no rules, beyond all the information being legible. DzineBlog shares 59 of the best flyer illustration designs for your inspiration.

Stunning Fashion Brochure Designs.

CreativeOverflow presents a showcase of 35 Stunning Fashion Brochure Designs that are prime examples of effective and creative brochure design.

How Comic Books can make you a better Designer.

Comics are sometimes considered a low form of art. Pretentious designers pass it off as kid stuff, but they’re missing out on some valuable sources of inspiration. InspiredMag explains how Comic Books can make you a better designer.

Creative examples of Pictograms.

A pictogram conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object. It transcends language boundaries and is the epitome of the KISS Principle. FrancescoMugnai has some creative examples of pictograms in all their simplistic glory.

50 epic examples of Street Art.

An artist needs no permission to display his art and his creativity has no boundaries. Street art is a perfect illustration of this aspect in artists, and 1stWebDesigner has a showcase of some wonderful examples.

30 Vintage Victorian Design Resources.

‘Victorian’ is a term that loosely refers to the time of Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 to 1901. For today’s purposes, it refers to an awesome collection of resources focused around floral patterns, ornate illustrations and even some items from that period, all of which will be perfect for your next grungy design project! DesignShack has the Textures and Brushes you’ll need for your next vintage project.