July 2010

Are you using Linkedin effectively?

Linkedin is the most “B2B” oriented of the social networks, and unlike other sites like Facebook and Twitter, it allows you to maintain your professional profile and connections all in one place, but doesn’t pollute your business image with your private life.  It has more than 70 million registered users, from over 200 countries. Joining Linkedin is easy, but turning it into a powerful networking tool takes a bit of savvy.  MarketingRack shows how to get it working for you.

Brilliant Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorials.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a new, but experienced kid on the block. With its new powerful features, it provides designers with a flexible tool for printing, making a video or designing for the Web. Noupe showcases Adobe Photoshop CS5 tutorials from which you will learn a lot about different features of Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Pelican covers from the 70s.

WordAndEggs was born in the ’70s, so… every so often, he feels like he should pay it homage. And today’s homage features a bunch of designeriffic 1970s Pelican covers from the wonderful collection over at Things Magazine. You simply MUST visit the source material.

Loving the Grid: Gridness.

The grid is one of the most important tools a designer has at his/her disposal. Gridness is the outgrowth of their own reverence for the grid. A page composed with a smart grid, and selective “breaking” of the grid, is a beautiful thing to behold—if you’re a true design nerd. Which you must be if you’re reading this 🙂

Writing effectively in InDesign using Book.

InDesign allows you to collect all documents in a Book. Using Book, you can easily synchronize styles in every document and maintain a consistent layout throughout your project. In this tutorial at VectorTutsPlus, we will create a book made from 3 chapters, complete with Table of Content, Introduction, and a Cover. You will learn the concepts of InDesign, from applying styles, adding page numbers, warping text, using variables and master pages.

Mixing Type and Imagery: How to manage a controlled collision.

Words state, and photos express. But when images get lost or text becomes muddled, or both, we get conflict. Images and text can be harmonized seamlessly, but only if we follow some guidelines that balance the readability of both. WebDesignerDepot discusses how to effectively mix text and imagery.

Importing text and playing with typography in InDesign.

This article/tutorial is the third in the InDesign series by SpyreStudios. Please keep in mind that this is a tutorial, and therefore the result isn’t tremendously great – it’s about teaching you how to use InDesign’s tools, not how to use them to create perfect results… that would take lots of practice!

Retro Vintage Graphic Designs.

If you’re into vintage and retro design, you’ll find 170 fine examples to whet your appetite at Cretique. Their archive is deliciously eclectic and quirky, which is just what you’re looking for.

June 2010

27 Spicy Event Flyer Designs.

When designed right, event flyers can pack a punch, spreading news about the gig it promotes like wildfire! Uprinting have got 27 of their favorite design examples of them lined up here, ready to spark your creativity.

20 Vintage Beach Postcard Designs.

Design cards that exude a cool, fun, and classic appeal with today’s roundup of vintage beach postcard designs from MyPostcardPrinting. Hot, hot, hot!