December 2010

All you need to know about Good Headline Creation.

People go to blogs without knowing exactly what to expect. They are there to look for brain foods, our job is to get them to bite our bait through headlines. Keep in mind that websites like Digg, Designbump, Delicious, and many others will only display your headlines (or a sentence or two) making it more prone to be ignored if you do not read this post at 1stWebDesigner carefully

Organizing your Design Inspirations.

Collecting and organizing inspirational images is important for designers. It lets you spend your free time browsing inspirational sites, but makes the images you’ve found easily accessible when you actually need to start designing. Noupe have put together a guide to organizing your visual inspiration so that you can access it whenever you need it, without spending hours aimlessly browsing.

Most Popular How-To Guides of 2010.

They cover a lot ground every day on Lifehacker, but get their greatest pleasure from putting together in-depth, step-by-step guides, making complicated tasks easy to do yourself. Here’s a look back at their most popular how-to features of 2010.

How to get a Raise.

With businesses tightening their purse strings and rising petrol, food and housing costs, employees are feeling the pinch. If your income no longer rises to meet inflation, not only could your finances be in danger, but your wellbeing, too. SensationalJobs explains how to take the initiative and get a raise.

November 2010

The impact the Internet has had on Graphic Design.

Some older graphics designers despise the internet; some newcomers are eternally grateful for it. Everyone has their opinion on the subject so GraphicMania have summed up some of the benefits and drawbacks of the internet, and it’s impact on Graphic Design.

The Science of Color Theory.

Color theory is a vast and complicated sphere of knowledge. It consists of different scientific elements, such as: optics, spectroscopy, human anatomy and physiology, psychology, art history and theory, philosophy, ethics, architecture theory, design and many other applied sciences. CssWow shows the schemes of harmonic color combinations and the examples of their usage by a bunch of talented vector artists.

How to get more Subscribers for your Email List.

Email subscribers are the lifeblood of the online business. We all know we need them, and we all have specific ideas about how to capture them. If you want to have a truly fantastic conversion rate, you need to look deeper at the mind of the email subscriber. CopyBlogger shows you three simple ways to get into the heads of your potential email subscribers.

10 important tips to create a Killer Resume.

For freelance designers, the resume is important for promoting yourself for contract projects. It is a way for potential contract employers to know you better, who you are, what you can do and what you have achieved in the past. DzineBlog has a collection of impressive resume examples.

A Beginner’s Guide to successful Email Marketing.

As an entrepreneur, KissMetrics believes that building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more important than it is now. But there’s a problem; most people don’t know how to do it right. So in the interest of furthering best practices and helping you succeed as a business owner, let’s get back to the basics and talk about how a great email campaign is built, from the ground up.

Client Presentation Tips for Designers.

Presenting designs to clients is a tricky part of the project cycle. You need to convince the client that your vision is worth following, and there’s a lot at stake. So how do you consistently land yourself on the better side of the project? The answer is simple: good communication. FreelanceSwitch has some presentation tips that will improve your communication skills and make the design presentation a less harrowing experience.