January 2011

Creating and distributing Presentations on the Web.

SmashingMagazine describes how you can use the Web to find content for your talks, record them, share them with others and save them for future audiences. They also explain how to share it all for free and how to convert closed formats into open ones by using the Web.

University Libraries from around the world that anyone can access.

Universities house an enormous amount of information and their libraries are often the center of it all. From digital archives, to religious studies, to national libraries, these university libraries from around the world have plenty of information for you. There are many resources for designers as well, and Mary&Mac have listed 100 of these useful libraries.

Best free eBooks for your Business Education.

There are loads of books to teach you everything about business from selling yourself to marketing a company. Why relegate yourself to the written page and sacrifice precious shelf space when you can take advantage of the ever-growing eBook phenomenon? With a far better sticker price than the books you find at a store, OnlineMarketingDegree have collected the 50 best free eBooks for your business education.

How to find a memorable Domain Name.

Few things are more important to a company’s online success than a good domain name. A company web address can be catchy, descriptive and memorable, or clumsy, vague and forgettable – based solely on how you select it. Webs present a concise guide on how to find a memorable domain name for your business.

December 2010

How to make money Marketing your Font.

Marketing the fonts you create is much like marketing anything on the Internet: you need to create a product that buyers want, you need to create something that is different from anything else on the web, and you need to spread the word about what you have. JustCreativeDesign explains how to make money Marketing your Font.

Top Five free Disposable Email Address Services.

Trying new things on the internet often requires you to provide a legitimate email address for registration verification, which can result in receiving increasing amounts of spam email over time.  FriedBeef suggests five ways to navigate around receiving spam – with free disposable email addresses!

Interesting Ads for Museums.

Check out this big creative collection of advertisements from around the world to generate interest in museums. You’ll find them at DesignersCouch.

How to remove Fake Anti Viruses like a Pro.

In the last year there has been a huge outbreak of viruses and malware that mask themselves as anti-virus software. They tend to be difficult to remove and attempt to extort money from users to “get rid of the virus that it’s detected”. TechKing provides instructions to remove them.

Cloud Computing: The Theory behind the Hype.

If you believe the hype, cloud computing is cheaper, safer and easier than any other form of application hosting. SpyreStudios looks at when it really is a great solution, and just where we may just be falling for the hype.

JPEG 101: A Crash Course Guide on JPEG.

JPEG is not limited to a certain amount of color (unlike GIF, for example) and is popular due to its variable compression range, meaning that you’re able to more easily control the amount of compression, and consequently, the resultant image quality. In this guide, SixRevisions discuss the important things you need to know about JPEG.