June 2009

Color vs colour.

Who else but COLOURlovers to explain the difference between usage of the words ‘color’ and ‘colour’. A simple history lesson for your edification.

Designers should code.

Generally speaking, web designers (including game and software designers) usually only involve themselves in the ‘big picture’, and leave the nitty-gritty details to the web developers. This situation often leads to frustration and inefficiencies for all concerned. Six Revisions suggest compelling reasons why designers should learn to code.

Eye candy.

Who doesn’t like looking at beautiful artwork? Photo manipulations are a great source of inspiration, a collaboration between photography and design. WebDesignerDepot showcases 40 examples that will knock your socks off. Yummy.

The attitude at Latitude.

Creative Latitude is a worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. Joining Creative Latitude will assist you to become a better creative, end world hunger and bring about lasting world peace. Or not. Check them out.

May 2009

A day in the life.

It’s interesting to consider the various applications you use on a daily basis. At css-tricks, they’ve posted ‘One day in the life of a web designer’, which follows a designers typical workday. Although not strictly accurate chronologically, it’s fun to read.

Spec-work. Bah, humbug!

In an effort to educate Visual Communication Designers and those who use their services, on the damaging effects caused by spec work and spec-based design contests, a group of designers from all over the globe banded together, fueled by passion and a lot of caffeine, to bring NO!SPEC to the public. Be a part of a worthwhile cause.

Pictures at an exhibition.

RedBubble is an open and inclusive website where you can share your creative genius with the world. You can exhibit (and sell) your, art, design or photography at this lively site.