August 2009

Ten harsh truths about corporate blogging.

Corporate blogs can be a powerful communication tool that builds brand awareness and nurtures a sense of engagement. You only need to look at the vibrant community surrounding the 37Signals blog to know that corporate blogging can work. Why are most corporate blogs failing and why do the few succeed? To answer these questions, we need to face a few harsh truths about corporate blogging. SmashingMagazine explains.

Five things that will kill your website.

A high availability website: It’s all about expensive redundant hardware with top of the line load balancers and an enterprise class SAN, right? Well, not necessarily. There are several cheap or free steps you can take to ensure uptime before you splash your cash on lots of kit. If you’re not taking these steps you are wasting your money on your redundant hardware. Carsonified presents the top five things that bring sites down.

The little but really useful guide to creativity.

It’s easier than ever to be creative, to create, to imagine and make what’s imagined become reality. It’s also tougher than ever, with distractions surrounding us in ways never before imagined. No matter what kind of creative type you are — writer, painter, musician, marketer, blogger, photographer, designer, parent, business owner — you are likely always looking for inspirations, for ways to let loose your creative genius. And while there are millions of creativity tips on the internet, ZenHabits thought they’d share the ones they’ve found most useful — the ones that they’ve tried and tested and found to be right.

Teach yourself Graphic Design: A self-study course outline.

If you would like to learn graphic design from the ground up, through self directed study, then this article at PSDtutsplus lists some great resources that will get you started with your design education. Also, even if you do go to design school, at least three-fifths of your education will be through self directed study anyway.

Beating creative block.

Working in a creative field, you are bound to come across one of those moments of creative breakdown. When your flame of inspiration has more than flickered and faded, it has all but flat-lined and is laying comatose in your brain. These moments will pass, and the creative juices will flow freely once again. FuelYourCreativity discusses how you can try to kick start the flow.

Services to get feedback for your design work.

Everybody wants to receive feedback from friends about their hard work, but sometimes we also need opinions coming from complete strangers, maybe some rough critiques about aspects we might have overlooked. This way we could get some ideas on how to upgrade the work. InspiredMag presents 10 excellent feedback services you should start using right now.

July 2009

Get creative with your domain name.

Choosing a domain name for a new client is a difficult task. Domain names are the crux of a website’s existence. A bad name can create a negative impact on branding and the ability to strengthen the domain value. A good domain name is essentially priceless in name, branding, ease of understanding, and catchiness. SmashingMagazine discusses generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), country top level domains (ccTLDs), new and exciting domain extensions for 2009, domain hacks, and internationalized domains.

Getting the best from your web host.

There is more to a website than just designing it – you will also have to get a hosting plan that will support it. To make life a bit easier for you Typesett has gone through the most popular types of web hosting on the market today, and what to look for in their respective hosting plans. Use our Search tool to find more articles about web hosting services.

Elegant workstations.

Whether you work on a Mac, a PC, or both – the way your workstation is set up reveals a lot about your sense of style and work attitude. Having a comfortable place where you can do your work can lead to increased creativity and productivity. This collection from SixRevisions presents some excellent examples of elegant, beautiful, cozy, and well-designed workspaces so that you might get some ideas and inspiration from them.

The incredible Dave Hill.

Dave is known for two things: You can not forget his portraits ones you’ve seen them – the visual impact is very strong. And you cannot ignore his unique post processing look, what has become to be known as “The Dave Hill Look”. Check out his latest portfolio at Abduzeebo. And you can try to emulate the look by visiting DIYphotography.