March 2011

Incredible collection of high-quality Design Freebies for Designers.

SmashingApps have made a list of  incredible high-quality design freebies. They obviously could not cover all the best from the web, but have tried to cover as much as possible that are fresh and must have for designers.

How to make Firefox lean, mean, and ultra-fast.

Since computer speed is the main factor in determining productivity, there are certain things that can result in improved performance. Opensourceware discusses ways to tweak Firefox to maximise this performance.

Top tips for managing a Coworking Space.

Mashable have spoken to experienced coworking organizers to get their essential tips on how to offer a better coworking space including how to pick the best layout, how to get people more engaged and how to nurture the community.

February 2011

Websites to make a Cartoon of yourself.

Converting yourself into a cartoon is a rage, and you can cartoonize yourself with these amazing websites and software at Slodive.

January 2011

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Google have written a very useful guide for the webmaster community to optimize their website for search engine. It’s called “Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”. IntenseBlog has a link to the PDF download.

How to remove your protected work: Online Copyright Infringement.

Copyright laws are designed to protect artists. This is because their services are often displayed in open media and there are unscrupulous people out to use the same without having to pay for the same. So, how do you go about removing this content online? DigitalArt guides you through the process.

How to get promoted to a Senior Level Designer or Creative Director.

Susan at FuelYourCreativity shares her tips to landing that promotion. These are the main things she saw from observing all the authority figures she’s had the opportunity to work with in the past. Climb that ladder!

Notes on Switching Servers.

Switching servers & migrating sites can be a huge deal (or not), depending on things like the number of sites to transfer, the size and complexity of sites, who is hosting your sites and experience. PerishablePress shares his experience on Switching Servers.

Top 22 Resumes for your inspiration.

Let’s say that you are a great designer and you are looking for a job. Your employer wants to see from the start that you are creative and you know what design is. TopDesignMag has managed to collect these 22 fantastic examples for your inspiration.

20 Common Mistakes made by new Bloggers.

Blogging is very personal, and you can only take someone else’s advice to a certain extent. At some point, you have to express your own creative license. There is no right or wrong way to blog, this article at InkRebels is just a list of common mistakes that she sees people make which could be affecting why they aren’t experiencing the success they seek.