April 2011

Top Five Online Billing Software.

Today, there are a lot of companies offering online billing services who you can pass on your critical accounting matters to. BloggingJunction recommends their Top Five online billing software which can take your business to a global level.

10 Mistakes you’re making on your Resume.

UsNews believes that resumes have evolved over the years, and have identified some mistakes people make in today’s business environment. Chances are good that you’re making a few of these common mistakes on your resume. How many are you guilty of?

Creative Resumes for Logo Designers.

Being a designer, you are expected to be highly creative and artistic. Hence, your design resume should endorse these expectations through its layout. If your resume is able to grab the attention of the design agency, then your chance of selection skyrockets. LogoBlog presents 20 brilliant and creative ideas for logo designers to adopt while designing their own resumes in future.

Useful Search Engines for Graphic Designers.

Medhley presents 10 search engines for web designers. These search engines have some very useful stuff for graphic designers, just like the Search button here at The Graphic Post.

Color Calibration for your Devices.

In simple terms, color calibration is the process of correcting the display color information of your devices. You may need to calibrate your printer, camera, scanner and other devices so that what you see on-screen, as well as what you scan, print or take a picture of–is as similar as possible. 1stWebDesigner has a post that explains the processes.

Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Plugin Development.

In this brief tutorial, Hongkiat goes over the basic steps required to create a simple WordPress plug-in. The steps are fairly simple and don’t require a large dedication to study. Rudimentary knowledge of PHP would be useful, even with a basic understanding of the WordPress file structure and Administration panel.

Top 10 Ways to make money from your Blog.

Making money from your blog is getting easier and easier. MyInkBlog shows 10 different ways you’re able to make money from your blog, starting today! No need to wait months upon months in order to start generating revenue, you can (and should be) monetizing your blog now.

Digital Painting Video Tutorials for Beginners.

When it comes to digital painting tutorials, text-based tutorials don’t quite cut it for most people. With that in mind, CreativeFan have collected up some digital painting video tutorials that will help you on your way to becoming a digital painting master.

March 2011

The Basics Of Video Editing: The Complete Guide.

These lessons at Lifehacker concentrate primarily on editing video in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be helpful for other editing software. The idea behind having the lessons with both applications is to demonstrate that when you learn one editing application it’s pretty easy to learn another.

How to protect your Images.

While there is no fool-proof way to protect everything you put on line, there are some steps to take to make it more difficult for your content to be stolen. ZenDesk describes how you can protect your images.