July 2011

40 Google Plus Tips for Newbies.

It’s still early, but there is a lot of excitement around Google+ by those who have jumped on early, and for good reason. What’s evident, as more and more people start using Google’s social network, is the need for help for newer users. MarketingProfessor is here to help.

Color Communication: When you say X, your designer hears this.

Many designers received their formal education in traditional art, and when they say something like “hue” or “tint,” they’re talking about the classic definitions of the words. However, when a client says a term like that, it’s unclear if they are referring to the definition or a colloquialism. Colourlovers explores this problem.

How to upload iPhone Photos to Google+.

Who says Android phone users get to have all the fun uploading photos to Google+? You can do that with an iPhone too, using any app that can send pics to Google‘s image organizer, Picasa. Mashable explains the process.

May 2011

The Resume is Dead; The Bio is King.

People work with people they can relate to and identify with. Trust comes from personal disclosure. And that kind of sharing is hard to convey in a resume. Your bio needs to tell the bigger story. Especially, when you’re in business for yourself, or in the business of relationships. The99percent explains how it’s your bio that’s read first.

How to improve your Web Marketing.

Fog Creek is an enormously successful software company which never had a marketing strategy other than being Fog Creek.  This served it very well for a long time, but it didn’t look like it could continue forever, so they brought in an expert to improve their website, SEO, conversion funnels, and the like.  They generously share some of what was done.

Spot or Process Color? Essential Guidelines.

The two main common color models are  CMYK, a subtractive method, used for printing and based on inks use; and RGB, an additive color model used for computer displays and based on light transmission. InstantShift explains how to choose the right color model for the job, and the differences between Spot and Process Colors.

The ultimate guide to crafting extraordinary Headlines.

No amount of effort put into a pixel-perfect design, with eye-pleasing typography, and heart-warming content can ever offset the importance of an incredible headline. Without it, your efforts will go unnoticed. WebDesignerDepot has some suggestions for making the greatest headline possible for every piece of content you create.

April 2011

Seven ways to an Effective Team Meeting.

It’s a common dilemma of managers; Many hours are spent on team meetings only to realize that nobody is clear on what they must do and nothing is accomplished. But there are ways to make sure that a team meeting is productive, effective and efficient. WorkAwesome has some useful suggestions.

Bridging the Gap: The difference between Print and Web Design.

Knowing print and web design standards shouldn’t be something you learn in order to be functional in them, but to be able to provide a product to your client that can be easily transferred between sectors. 1stWebDesigner has put together a little list of some of the things they think are most important when dealing with print and web design.

Amazing Paper Made Artworks and Sculptures.

This post at Noupe is meant to pay accolades to the artists who have created these phenomenal pieces of artwork. Some of these beautiful sculptures will simply blow your mind. All the examples presented have been created only by using papers from delicate cut outs to the most comprehensive and realistic models.