August 2010

How to a create URL shortener using PHP.

URL shortening is a technique in which a lengthy URL may be made substantially shorter. Devlup presents a step by step tutorial to create a URL shortener using PHP.

An intuitive Color Selector.

Piknik is an intuitive Color Selector that uses your screen as a palette. Scroll around, click anywhere to lock a color — scroll to change luminosity — click the values to copy. Simple! You’ll get RGB, Hex and HSL values.

The Perfect Brainstorm.

Brainstorming is more than about just having ideas: it is about having ideas and the means to implement them. You can come up with ideas all day long that sound great on paper and even out loud when you share them with others, but if you have no means to follow through on them, then they will simply fall flat. Noupe explains how to brainstorm effectively.

A Practical Guide to designing with Faces.

In the context of a photograph or piece of art, the face doesn’t always have to be attractive or even remarkable in any way for it to grab our attention. This indicates that there is something deeper. DesignShack explores why faces are a magic design element.

Why SEO doesn’t matter anymore and what you should do instead.

Search engine optimization used to be the holy grail of getting more traffic. InstantShift explains why search engine optimization doesn’t matter anymore and what are the alternatives for getting more and more traffic.

The top ten most dangerous things you can do online.

Researchers at Internet security service provider CyberDefender looked at some of the most dangerous things you can do online and explained how to protect yourself. Gizmodo has the results.

Best Printing and Prepress Articles.

ConceptDezain has compiled some print articles that he’s enjoyed reading and have helped him a lot. Each of these articles have some great tips, advices, and rules when it comes to designing for print.

Making money designing Themes.

Alongside his primary income stream, which is a web design freelance business, Sacha at SixRevisions has also been selling themes and templates for content management systems and publishing platforms like WordPress for close to two years now. Here is his short guide to help you decide if getting into professional theme designing is for you.

Must read articles on Design, Creativity and Web Design.

Richworks has handpicked the best 10 articles from his twitter feed and has showcased them here. Some are purely professional, a few are funny but useful and the rest are just a pleasure to read.

Learning to Say No to Bad Ideas.

As a user experience designer, Whitney at AListApart has made a career out of having to say No. It is her job to put an end to bad design practices within an organization before she can make any progress on improving the lives of her customers. And it’s rarely easy.