May 2010

Ridiculous client requests (and how to reason with them).

You’ve had them before, and you’ll get them again… the ridiculous client request. Your client doesn’t hate you, they just need a little education and GDB explains how to reason with them.

Taking a job for less than your Rate.

Times are tough and it is even tougher trying to find jobs if you are a self-employed consultant, no matter what the field. Wages and fees for projects just keep going down. TRCB discusses the ramifications of taking a job for less than your rate.

How to know when to walk away from work.

It’s very easy to catch yourself accepting a rate lower than your ideal one–no matter how established a freelancer you are. You need to know when you should walk away. In this post, FreelanceFolder lists some situations when you should refuse work. They also provide some tips to help you walk away from work when you need to.

Manage your freelance projects.

TutorialBlog takes a look at software and web apps to help you manage your freelance projects. Essential tools for any freelancer who wants to stay organized, keep the client up to date and keep records of milestones, deadlines and project file.

April 2010

Pros and Cons of Package-Based Pricing for Web Design.

In an attempt to simplify pricing for both the designer and the client, some designers and agencies use package-based pricing with prices listed on their website. While offering proposals or quotes for each project is more common, package-based pricing is used frequently enough that it warrants consideration from the designer or agency. VandelayDesign looks at the pros and cons.

Passive Income Myths and Realities.

There are a few ways freelance designers can make extra money, but they aren’t as passive as you might think. At the very least, most passive income opportunities require a ton of upfront work – before you’ve made a single cent. FreelanceReview explores some passive income opportunities you might have heard about and explain what’s passive and what’s not about each.

A Logo Design Questionnaire.

Sometimes, getting information out of a client can be a little like pulling teeth. A great research instrument that could come in handy now is a questionnaire, consisting of a series of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering information from clients. GonzoBlog sends this questionnaire whenever a client asks him to design a logo.

Tips for Freelancers: What to do in Slow Days and Dry Times.

If you work as a freelancer you will most likely have quiet periods sometimes. During holidays or just occasionally there will be a dry period where the projects are fewer. But do not fret! 1stWebDesigner presents a collection of useful things you can do to take advantage of the extra time and get more things to do!

Elements of a successful Project Proposal.

Whether you’re actively looking for clients on freelancing job boards, or you only get clients through referrals, you’ll have to submit project proposals. The project proposal is your sales piece. It’s what will ultimately “sell” your services to the prospect. FreelanceFolder describes the elements of a successful Project Proposal.

The Secret to Pitching to New Clients.

FreelanceApple has recently been in search of a few new clients. After brushing up on his pitching skills, he went in search of these new shining prospects, and was struck with the memories of when he first started freelancing and how difficult it was to “get your foot through the door”. He now has a few secrets to share with you.