January 2010

Five ways to increase your Freelance earnings.

The most obvious way to increase your Freelance earnings is to charge more – but this can  have the effect of  reducing your income as you price yourself out of the market. There’s often a difference between what a freelancer thinks he’s worth and what the market says he’s worth. But there are a few things you can do to raise your income without raising your prices. Check out Geekpreneur.

How to kill your business: 30 Day Payment Terms.

Why 30 day payment terms? JohnO’Nolan sees freelancers put “30 days” on all their invoices and never understands why… it’s like some magical number that people just pluck out of the air because they’re used to hearing “30 day money back guarantee” and similar sales pitches and warranties on products.

12 things you should never say to a client.

The way that you talk with your clients can heavily influence their attitude and respect towards you. If you use the right language, and avoid talking yourself into a trap, it’s not too difficult to rid yourself of bad clients forever. With that lofty goal in mind, FreelanceFolder suggests 12 things you should never say to a client

17 easy ways to Backup client work.

This article at DesignShack showcases several ways to backup your irreplaceable client work using both offline and online solutions. Find the solution that fits your budget and workflow best and start backing up today.

Deposits? Nah. Full Payment Up-Front please.

It’s no shocker that more and more people are feeling the financial squeeze. Being a freelancer, with no real steady and reliable income, just sets you up for endless financial stress. Graham at ImJustCreative has recently talked openly about several logo design projects where the clients have failed to settle the outstanding balance. Leaving him considerably short changed and generally very pissed off. Read why you should get Full Payment Up-Front. Make it your mantra.

How to make yourself stand out as a Freelancer.

With so many others striving to do the same thing, how is it you can rise above the multitudes to still be singled out? Not to mention trying rise above the agencies that are further populating the waters, and complicating the issue. Noupe offers some suggestions on how to make yourself stand out as a freelancer.

Creatively handling the Admin side of Freelancing.

The administrative side of the job tends to be left-brain-heavy, and can prove difficult for some right-brained Freelancers to tackle. SmashingMagazine has broken down the offending areas that often hang us up, and has provided some tips for how to make it through these left-brained business barriers.

A freelancer’s guide to dealing with difficult people.

No freelancer truly works alone. We may be alone in our home office, but all of us depend on other people to earn our livelihood. At the very least, all freelancers must deal with clients. It’s how we get paid While we may not face those everyday irritations that come from working with other people in an office, freelancers still have to understand how to deal with difficult people. FreelanceFolder explains when you might find yourself facing a difficult person and provide you with some basic steps to take.

Email Marketing for Freelancers.

According to a recent Direct Marketing Association study, email marketing’s average return on investment (ROI) is a whopping $45.05 US for every dollar spent. That makes it the highest return of any marketing channel. Even other Internet marketing methods pale with an ROI of $19.94 for every dollar spent. If an e-newsletter or or other email tool isn’t in your marketing toolbox, the above fact alone should pique your interest. FreelanceSwitch offers some other bits of information to excite your inner email marketer.

Networking Tips for the busy designer.

VandelayDesign looks at a series of tips and suggestions that are aimed at designers who want to network more successfully, but without committing large amounts of time each day or each week. The idea is to get as much benefit as possible from a reasonable time commitment that can be accommodated by just about any schedule.