February 2010

What to do when the client is wrong.

Sooner or later most freelancers will have the pleasure of working with a client who seems to have forgotten why they hired you in the first place. This client may ignore or overrule all of your recommendations and even dictate decisions on the project that you, as the experienced professional, are certain will be detrimental to its overall success. FreelanceFolder explains what to do when the client is wrong.

Financial Management tips for Freelancers.

Most freelance designers are experienced and talented with their trade, but not so much when it comes to financial issues. Designm.ag shares some things that he have learned through his own experience of being self employed that he thinks will be able to help others.

January 2010

Why Design can’t be billed by the hour.

“But it will only take you an hour or so . . .” idApostle hears this comment a few times a year. He thinks it’s a better idea and more appropriate for clients to understand they are paying for a solution and not for the time associated. A compelling case to explain why Design can’t be billed by the hour.

15 ways to improve Freelance creativity.

Freelancers in the creative industries frequently find that staying in a creative mindset, day in day out, can be a real challenge, especially if they’re tired or working on multiple projects simultaneously. For all these people, AcrisDesign has compiled 15 tips for improving creativity and staying creative for longer.

15 Invoicing Tips for Designers and Freelancers.

Most designers don’t particularly enjoy the financial side of running a business, but handling it properly is a necessary part of being a freelancer or running a design agency. The financial side of the business includes invoicing clients, and VandelayDesign offers some tips and best practices for invoicing.

Seven tips for negotiating a Freelance Contract.

While there are some freelancers who put their collective foot down and refuse to negotiate rates, you may find yourself in a situation where you want or need a particular project. That puts you in a position where you have to be able to negotiate in order to get a contract. FreelanceSwitch suggests seven tips for negotiating a Freelance Contract.

When to ignore a Request for Proposal (RFP).

The “request for proposal” or RFP process for many small graphic design and web design firms is fraught with huge time-wasting and dead-end traps. This doesn’t need to happen to you again. All you need to know is a few of the methods of a dyed-in-the-wool time-wasting information leach. You can identify and avoid them and get back to real work. Find out how at BonFx.

How to effectively organize, manage and maintain your freelance design business.

Running a “one-man (or woman) design show” can become quite daunting, especially if you are the only one responsible for responding to emails, marketing, designing, phone conversations, invoicing, proposals, tracking expenses, collaborating with others involved with the project, tracking time… rinse, repeat. TheDesignCubicle walks you through what he finds to be successful in managing a work flow and daily/weekly tasks step-by-step, which leads to a smoother, more organized independent business.

How to make a confident First Impression with clients.

Potential clients will judge the quality and professionalism of both you and your work based on their first contact. Screwing this up could mean spending months reshaping that individual’s image of you or even result in losing the client altogether. DesignShack goes over some tips and techniques you can use to make a positive, lasting first impression with your clients.

Join forces and start Cross-Promoting now.

Cross-promotion happens when you join forces with another company to market your products and services to a shared audience.  Effective cross-promotion can boost the return on a business’s marketing efforts while giving small companies with limited budgets a chance to pool their efforts and compete with the bigger players in their market. Sitepoint elaborates.