August 2011

Moleskine Tips, Tricks and Hacks.

If you’re a hipster freelancer, you don’t use a notebook, you use a Moleskine. You can use them to jot down your stream of conciousness, like a notebook. Or you can doodle and draw, like a sketchbook. So if you need some tips, tricks and hacks (!) for your Moleskine, check out the monster collection at FreelanceSwitch.

May 2011

How long should a designer fight a client about a poor design decision?

Most designers have experienced a client who wants to change or add to a design project that you know is just plain wrong. You politely explain why that may be a bad decision, but they insist. GraphicDesignBlender takes a closer look at this awkward scenario.

Productivity Tips specifically designed for Designers.

Designers, and all creative people alike, may have difficulty staying motivated and being productive. We’re not lazy people – we just have stronger creative drives that may keep us from working on what we need to. OneExtraPixel look at over ten productivity tips that are specifically targeted towards designers, or creative people in general.

April 2011

How to steal design business from your competitors.

“Stealing” is a bad word. But today, GraphicDesignBlender teaches you a few ways you can steal business from your competition; a few ways you can get the edge on your competition and win more clients than anyone in town.

March 2011

Proven alternatives to Cold Calling.

Cold calling still works, but it’s inherently a difficult way of building your sales pipeline. Neither side likes cold calling – not the caller or receiver.Fortunately, TheCustomerCollective provides a variety of proven strategies and tactics exist that can reduce or eliminate your need to pound the phones

Freelance Proposals and how to make them effective.

Whether you’ve done a proposal two times or 200 times, the process will constantly need refining, but the most important thing is to be clear, concise, accurate, and on time. Make your proposal bulletproof with this guide from 1stWebDesigner.

Mastering the art of the follow-up.

Mastering the art of the follow-up is a difficult thing. But with the tips you’ll find at GraphicDesignBlender, you’ll be landing new jobs and finding new clients left and right.

February 2011

The Art of Saying “No”.

Clients are not often used to being told ‘No’ about anything in this corporate culture of “the customer is always right”. Noupe takes a look at some of the ways we can let a client down easy without risking current or future projects.

How to overcome common Mobile Office problems.

There are problems that come up while using a mobile office: distractions, finding good places to work, no internet access when you need it, and so forth. How do you avoid these issues? SpyreStudios covers how to overcome common mobile office problems.

The Design Matrix: A powerful tool for guiding Client Input.

A client’s brand, competitors and customers doesn’t always give clear direction about design goals. With a design matrix, you can guide discussions and establish clear direction. SmashingMagazine will guide you through the matrix.