July 2009

Have you considered grunge fonts?

Of course you have. There’s zillions out there. But the WebDesignBooth presents 60+ ‘awesome’ grunge fonts that every designer should collect. And InstantShift has over 100 more. Add them to the list.

Fresh, Retro and Graffiti fonts.

A mixed bag of free fonts today. You’ll find 40 Fresh fonts at InstantShift, over 20 Retro/Vintage fonts at Pvmgarage, and heaps of Graffiti fonts at GraffitiFonts (where else?).

Elegant serif fonts.

WebDesignLedger presents what they consider to be 30 of the best free serif fonts around. Some pretty good stuff, I must agree.

Font free for all.

Script fonts, modern fonts, grunge fonts, funky fonts — what’s your pleasure? CreativePro has them all, and they’re all free!

Hand drawn fonts.

With the popularity and proliferation of ‘hand drawn’ websites, it makes sense to have access to hand drawn fonts. WebDesignLedger offer 21 of the best available. And NaldzGraphics has 45 more (although a few are doubles). NuevoStudio only has one, but it’s a beauty.

June 2009

Just a couple of new fonts.

What’s to say? 10 interesting free fonts for web designers at Woork.

Free Zag font.

Top quality free fonts are hard to come by, especially a font asĀ  elegant as Zag. You can have Zag Regular and Bold for free at MyFonts, but if you want some of the other five variants, you’ll need to buy them. C’mon, you know you want to.

Seven Fonts.

Ilovecolors also loves typography and offers seven free fonts for your consideration.

Teeny weeny type.

Most fonts are illegible at very small sizes and if you need to use them, you’ll need a purpose-designed mini-font. If you have a need for teeny, weeny fonts, check out speckyboy who has 34 free and elegant Mini-Pixel Fonts.

The font squirrel.

FontSquirrel aims to be the best resource for high-quality, commercial-use, free fonts. A lofty aspiration indeed! At this stage, they have over 340 font families that are well categorised. Certainly worth checking out.