July 2009

Original fonts at Fonthead.

Fonthead’s library contains over 150 original OpenType fonts available individually, as families, or in collections. You’ll find a small selection of free fonts as well.

Ripe Typeface.

A Geometric Postmodern slab seriffed face. The serifs feature simplistic rounded terminals and its stroke is uniform.

Ripe was designed to be a practical typeface. Each character is distinct, yet consistent. Its subtle differences are clear enough to be easily read at both high and low resolutions, perfect for print, web and screen media. Get it at RipeType.

Friday Fresh Free Fonts #6.

Abduzeedo is at it again with Friday Fresh Free Fonts #6. A couple of nice ones in this batch.

Free fonts for web designers and logo artists.

At InstantShift, you’ll find Over 100 Free Downloadable Fonts for Web Designers and Logo Artists. Have a look, you may find something you like.

5 free fonts for a Web 2.0 logo.

Simplicity is probably the main factor determining if a Web 2.0 logo is nice. To contribute to simplicity, a combination of font colors and style plays a major role. Fonts need to be blatantly big with smooth gradients, and it’s of utmost importance to get the right font style, else it won’t look right. Hongkiat provides 5 free fonts for a Web 2.0 logo.

Even more free sans serif fonts.

Sometimes, the best things in life are free – fonts are a great example of this concept. There are many typography designers and type foundries that choose to share their beautiful creations to the public. In this collection from SixRevisions, you’ll find some of the best free and high-quality sans serif fonts for clean and professional designs

Beautiful Museo (font).

“Museo… it all started with my love for the letter ‘U’. This uppercase letter just came to me as an image in a daydream. The top of both stems bent into semi-slab serifs. From this principle I worked out the rest of the uppercase letters. My first intention was to make it an all-caps display font but after a while I changed my mind. I wanted it to be a bit more versatile, so I decided to add lowercase and adjust spacing and kerning to increase legibility.” – MyFonts Jos Buivenga

Professional free fonts.

There is definitely not a shortage of free fonts. However, it can be difficult and time consuming to find free fonts that possess a superior and professional quality. WebDesignLedger presents seventeen fonts that fall into this category. These fonts really make you appreciate the generosity of their designers and creators.

Big, bold and beautiful headlines.

Typography is a key element of design and communicating a message. This is especially true when it comes to headlines that must attract immediate attention. TripWireMagazine provides a large collection of fonts to create big, bold and beautiful headlines.

Free typewriter fonts.

If you’re after a typewriter font, look no further than FontRiver. They have over 60 from which you can choose.