November 2009

“Off the wall” free fonts for web developers.

Feeling a little bored with Arial, Georgia, or Times New Roman? Yearning to break free from that antique list of web safe fonts? Try some of these “interesting” fonts from the collection at HelikopterDesign. Sure, you may hate some, love some, or be downright appalled at others, but it’s hard not to be somewhat intrigued by a typeface called “Horse Puke”, right?

20 new high-quality free fonts.

In this selection, SmashingMagazine are glad to present you Madawaska ExtraLight, Apparatus SIL, League Gothic, Contra and many other high-quality free fonts. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts — the license can change from time to time.

56 stunning free fonts for professional designs.

DesignBeep introduces us to some free fonts you may not have seen. These fonts are free for personal use but most of them are not free for commercial use.You have to contact the creator of the fonts for commercial use. Fair enough.

Free Font: Aeroportal.

Aeroportal to be the main typeface for the Norway profile. The round, easily legible forms of the typeface Aeroportal were inspired by European modernistic and British humanistic traditions, as well as contemporary Scandinavian design. Get it from TypeGoodness.

50 free Movie Themed Fonts.

Who doesn’t like new fonts? AeTutsPlus was searching through the net and realized that a lot of people use some really epic looking movie themed fonts in their projects because, well… they are just plain awesome. He has 50 fonts for you all to check out and download.

Funky Cartoon fonts for logos and headers.

Cartoon fonts are one type of font that rarely get much praise. The problem with them is that by definition, they’re gimmicks. They are never the most legible fonts, but when it comes to creating a memorable logo easily, a good cartoon font can be a great first step. They’re distinctive, look great in large sizes, and can be easily modified. ProBlogDesign has a bunch for your consideration.

Free Handwritten Fonts and Resources.

A Handwritten font can really say something special, personalizing communications with your visitors. FuelYourCreativity has created his own collection with some very special handwritten fonts, and also great font resources.

Original free fonts from Nymphont.

Nymphont is a digital type experiment where Lauren not only shares the fonts she makes, but also blogger resources and other digital & typographic goodies. The fonts are free for personal use. Great work, Lauren.

Latest High-Quality Free Fonts.

We know that typography can be used as a way of mutual understanding between you and your users. To communicate effectively, typography requires appropriate typefaces as there are a lot of unsung fonts out there that have really inspired us. InstantShift presents the latest unsung heroes.

The Best Free Fonts of 2009.

As this year comes to a close, we can look back and see that 2009 was a big year for typography. We saw more web designs with a focus on type, and there were some pretty amazing fonts released. Here are some of the best free fonts from this past year. A few of the fonts below were released at the end of 2008, but since they didn’t see much action until this year, WebDesignLedger included them in the list.