December 2009

An elegant sans serif – Oceania.

Oceania is an elegant free sans serif font available at Dafont. It’s for personal use only, but if you’d like to use it for commercial purposes then please kindly make a donation. Certainly worthwhile.

Enticing Calligraphic fonts.

Calligraphy in typography adds an element of sophistication and class. The word itself is derived from the Greek words “kallos,” which means beauty, and “graphe,” which means writing. Each of the eleven fonts at Designora are available for free download.

November 2009

Over 4,500 free fonts. Gosh!

I know this is totally overwhelming, but WittySparks has accumulated a list of just about every free font website on the intertubes. If you’ve ever posted some free fonts, you’ll probably find it here.

Best of The Grungy Grunge Fonts.

DezignDiva offers some free Grunge Fonts she thought were distinctive and thought that some of you may like to use them as well . Of course there are thousands of Grunge Fonts out there she is certain , however she believes these are really awesome. Yes, they are!

Free Dingbat fonts great for Interface design.

If you are looking for a quick and easy fix for symbols or icons, using dingbat fonts can help you save lots of time. Dingbats are symbols and shapes that are created to describe fonts in the position designated for alphabetical or numerical characters. Remember to take extra care on your choice of symbol. They should be understandable and intuitive. OneExtraPixel presents 18 Dingbat fonts available for free.

Most Popular high quality Fonts in 2009.

2ExpertsDesign are always in search of great free resources for their valued readers. Today, they list over 300 High Quality and Most Popular Fonts for designers to discover in 2009. They obviously cannot cover all the best from the web, but have tried to cover as much as possible.

30 selected Calligraphic fonts for fellow designers.

BestDesignTuts has scoured the web to bring a bunch of free Calligraphic fonts to their fellow designers. It’s a nice collection worth bookmarking or downloading.

Hot new fonts from MyFonts.

Okay, there’s only one free font among this lot, but some of these popular fonts present fantastic value. These are the top selling fonts new to MyFonts in the last 50 days. Updated daily!

25 of the best free fonts from Deviant Art.

While most of the great fonts out there cost a lot of money, there are some free fonts that you can use for your projects. After searching Deviant Art for some time, DesignInformer has collected the top 25 free fonts from Deviant Art and has showcased them here.

Ten ‘amazing’ free fonts for Designers.

These fonts at SocialH are for Designers… not Plumbers, Seamstresses or Nuclear Physicists. And they are amazing. Go on, click on the link and see for yourself.