December 2009

45 Mega Cool and Free Gothic Fonts.

W3Mag has gone all gothy on us and collected 45 cool Gothic fonts for your collection. Now, if we can find some Emo fonts, we’ll all be happy.

A few eclectic free fonts.

Here are some fonts GrantCoghill made way back and used in some projects. Feel free to use them as you want.

Goudy Trajan Regular for Free.

Goudy Trajan™ is based on the drawings by American type designer Frederic W. Goudy of his rendition of the capital letters inscribed on the Trajan column. One of the most elegant typefaces in the CastleType library, Goudy Trajan works especially well at large sizes.

Designing with Fonts: 30 Useful and Free Dingbats.

Dingbats, the ornamental characters in typesetting, can be very useful objects in design. They are highly versatile, as they work in every image editor & can be resized or styled easily. You’ll find lots of beauties at WebResourcesDepot. Use your imagination.

40 outstanding free Sans Serif fonts.

Sans Serif fonts dominate today’s modern web, with their sharp edges and superb readability. However, from time to time we need a definitive list; a list that shows the highlights of such an incredible category of fonts. “Where?” I hear you cry. “Where can I find such a list?”. Well worry not, young designer, Webtint have put together such a list, a list of their 40 favorite (free) Sans Serif fonts.

Currently some of the best free fonts available!

As a designer you are probably hungering for good quality Fonts that are not going to destroy your budget, but that at the same time are giving what you need to be at the front foot as a professional. See if there’s anything you can use at TripwireMagazine.

Orbitron – Free Open Source Font.

Orbitron is a geometric sans-serif typeface intended for display purposes. It features four weights (light, medium, bold, and black), a stylistic alternative, small caps, and a ton of alternate glyphs. Read more and follow the link at Imjustcreative.

Another subtle serif called Fh_Lentil.

Smashingmethod at DeviantART has released his new font called Fh_Lentil. It’s a subtle, elegant serif in U/LC and this version is Regular. Additional families are being developed (bold, italic, etc.) and will be released at a future date.

A funky free font called Folk.

MarceloMagalhaes has released an excellent font called Folk. To the Solid font you can add Sketches, Shadows or Outlines. Especially useful for posters or headlines. Funky.

A whole bunch of fresh, free fonts.

You can’t really have too many free fonts, especially when so many of the newly released fonts are of such high quality. You’ll find 50 of the ‘Best’ at CreativeNerds, and a further 30 at InstantShift. Have fun.