January 2010

Ten excellent free fonts you simply can’t keep your hands off.

TripwireMagazine presents a collection of ten excellent free fonts you should consider using for your designs. The number of free fonts available is almost devastating… and not all free fonts are worth using. Finding the goodies in the masses is hard but the fonts listed in this article have all been picked out because they stand out from the rest and because they are “affordable”.

Free Typography.

FreeTypography is an online magazine about great typography works, fonts, inspirations, portfolios and of course freebies. This is their collection of free fonts. Nice!

December 2009

Attention grabbing Premium Slab Fonts.

A slab serif typeface is best used in attention grabbing posters, billboards, newspaper headlines and promotional materials. And of course, the web. LBOI has rounded up 15 attention grabbing premium quality slab fonts that you would probably pay for, but don’t have to because they are absolutely free.

Ten beautiful free fonts.

VioletPear presents ten beautiful free fonts of the year  released in 2009. Some will be familiar, but you should have all of these in your Type Bank.

Tribbon ‘Layered’ Font – exclusive free download.

In another free font exclusive on Noupe, they present Tribbon, a tasty layered ‘ribbon’ style font that consists of several layers and is available as a free download. Tribbon is available in both TTF and OTF font formats.

Ten Free Hand-Drawn Fonts.

Every once in a while, a design calls for a somewhat sketchy, hand-drawn font. Perhaps it’s a gig poster; perhaps it’s for an !!ENERGY DRINK!! company; perhaps it’s something completely different. As a designer, chances are you usually have a ton of work on your plate and can’t always hand-style lettering unique to each project. That’s where hand-drawn fonts come in. Some are sketchy; some are based off of well-known fonts; all are great. Check out this list of 10 Awesome Free Hand-Drawn Fonts at PaperLeaf.

New open source font: Designation.

HaikuMonkey has just finished version 1.0 of a new, open source font family called Designation. It’s released under the SIL Open Font License, the gist being that you can use the fonts for any purpose, you can modify the fonts however you like (as long as you release the modification under the same license), and you can distribute the fonts (but not sell them).

A new free font: Junction.

Inspired by her favorite humanist sans serif typefaces, such as Meta, Myriad, and Scala, Junction is where the best qualities of serif and sans serif typefaces come together. It has the hand drawn and human qualities of a serif, and still retains the clarity and efficiencies of a sans serif typeface. It combines the best of both worlds. You’ll find it at TheLeagueOfMoveableType.

Free For All: 103 Free Fonts!

This is the latest installment of “Free for All”, and this time it’s Free Fonts. Script fonts, modern fonts, grunge fonts, funky fonts — what’s your pleasure? CreativePro have them all, and they’re all free!

Free Font: Telegrafico.

Salvo Nicolosi is a designer from Italy, who has created this nice free font called Telegrafico. It’s an all caps font, and available in True Type format. He’s put it up at TypeGoodness (with a link to DaFont).