August 2009

Free shopping cart and basket icons.

If you’re working on an eCommerce website, You’re gonna need some shopping cart and basket icons. HiddenPixels has an excellent selection that you can browse through and buy for free.

The anatomy of an Online Store.

Let’s not try to over simplify online shopping. If there was a magic formula that resulted in a guaranteed sale, there would be nothing special about Amazon or eBay. BuildInternet spent time looking into the whole eCommerce scene recently and come up with some potentially helpful trends and examples.

Five tips and tricks for an effective eCommerce site with ten examples.

This post from OneExtraPixel covers the unique core aspects of eCommerce sites that make online shopping possible. Customers appreciate the convenience of ordering online, but if a site is cumbersome, is veiled about its pricing and polices, or does not seem to provide personal benefit, they leave. You will learn five tips and tricks for an effective eCommerce site with ten examples.

E-Commerce starter kits for WordPress users.

There are a lot of popular E-Commerce solutions, either commercial or open source.  But, if you are familiar with WordPress, you may wish to use it for your E-Commerce websites too. WebDesignBooth looks into various themes, plugins and tutorials to build your own WordPress E-Commerce website.

July 2009

Clean E-commerce website designs.

Many e-commerce websites tend to get very cluttered and suffer from not being user friendly. VandelayDesign showcase 20 e-commerce sites that have taken a different approach. All of these sites have very clean designs, leaning more towards minimalism rather than clutter.

Characteristics of well designed E-commerce websites.

There are any number of factors that can influence the success of an e-commerce site, and identifying areas of strength and weakness is not always so simple. In this article by VandelayDesign, they look at nine specific factors that are generally present on well designed e-commerce websites.