February 2010

Beautifully crafted Corporate eCommerce Web Designs.

Imagine a representative from a huge corporate company walking into your office and he drops on your lap a proposal for there new website, you read through the huge document and then you ask: “What is your proposed budget for this project?” – He gives you the answer, and… WOW!!! Dream on! All of the eCommerce sites at SpeckyBoy have been designed by highly respected and well established design companies, and you can clearly see from the majestic showcase where and how the money has been spent.

Creative eCommerce website designs.

eCommerce sites are often considered to be boring and unattractive, however, that is not always the case. VandelayDesign showcases 25 eCommerce sites that demonstrate creativity in the design. It may be the layout, graphics, design style or site structure, but all of them break the mould of the typical eCommerce site

Designing for eCommerce Personalities.

BuildInternet has identified five main types of online shoppers. They’re much like normal brick & mortar shoppers, too. So, how do you make the best experience possible for these five types of people?

eCommerce UI Part 2: Footers.

Often times the forgotten child in the overall scheme of a sites design. Organizationally speaking, they are the last item on the page but are not any less important than any other element of a sites structure, and should be treated strategically equal. FuelYourInterface discusses the importance of Footers in eCommerce.

January 2010

eCommerce Website Design: Overview, Best Practices and Examples.

The World Wide Web is a privileged channel for spreading good ideas and, in this time of crisis, it could be very useful to improve a business. Internet provides many possibilities to enhance, in different ways, our activities and one of this surely is the electronic commerce. PvmGarage provides an Overview, Best Practices and Examples.

Six features your eCommerce System should have.

ShuttleBox have composed a list of six features that they think every eCommerce application should have. These features exist to enhance your sales, market your products, increase customer satisfaction and ease of use of the web site. Some of them are so simple and basic, they’re amazed that some sites don’t have them… but they won’t be naming names.

26 examples of Online T-Shirt Shops.

Many eCommerce and shopping websites suffer from poor quality design. However, when it comes to online t-shirt shops, creativity is high and there are plenty of designs that are worthy of mention. Check out (pun intended) these beauties at WebDesignerDepot.

35 beautiful eCommerce websites.

Expansion of the market and evolving technology that simplifies our daily lives help to set the pace of eCommerce design. Customers want the shopping process to be quick and easy, and merchants want to increase sales by making their stores attractive and popular. Thus, eCommerce design tends to combine a look and usability that is at once unique and eye-catching. SmashingMagazine showcases 35 attractive online store designs.

30 Shopping Cart page designs.

BlueBlots presents 30 examples of Shopping Cart page designs. With the rapid rise of eCommerce, Shopping Carts are becoming more and more imaginative. This is a pretty good cross-section.

Cart Frenzy…eCommerce web design.

CartFrenzy is a web design gallery that showcases the most well-design eCommerce and shopping websites. While there are many general web design galleries out there, CartFrenzy exists for a specific purpose, to provide design inspiration for those who are creating eCommerce sites.