September 2009

50 Must-have Photoshop brushes.

These 50 Photoshop brush sets are ones SmashingMagazine finds himself using over and over in a variety of projects. This collection is the result of years’ worth of downloads, trials and experiments. He hopes this list helps you find some new, high quality Photoshop brushes that improve your collection.

Over 35 startling Photoshop brushes.

Absolutely no way am I going to try and translate the awful English at this site. It really and truly does my head in. Nonetheless, TutorialLounge has over 35 startling Photoshop brushes for your benefit.

Swirls and Flourishes brush sets.

BrushPortfolio offers free, high quality Photoshop brushes for download. The site is updated every week with new brushes, and many of the Photoshop brushes you’ll find on the site can’t be found elsewhere. Here are their Swirls and Flourishes.

Celtic Symbols – A free Photoshop brush set.

Celtic symbols are usually visual representations of many of the ancient Celtic customs and beliefs that date back to as early as 3000 BC. The ancient Celts believed that these symbols had powerful and mystical powers that had the ability to ward off evil spirits.  BestDesignOptions presents some of the most popular Celtic symbols such as knots, spirals and other Celtic love symbols.

August 2009

36 free Photoshop Tree Brushes.

Day by day, designing is getting easier. Once upon a time when we think about a design of nature, there was no other way except sketching. But now Photoshop addons makes the designing a simple play. Now we can easily get various brushes for designing a natural scenario. And tree brushes are the most important things to design a natural effect. So, GeekPosts is going to provide a list of some nice and exceptional Photoshop tree brushes.

Grungy Borders: Ten high resolution Photoshop brushes.

Colorburned wanted to design a set of brushes that could be used for a variety of purposes, but could also be used to add some grungy borders to your designs. These brushes turned out great and can be used to distress or add scratches to your designs as well. Give this set a download and try them out for yourself!

Free Photoshop brushes: “Sparkling Light Effects”.

Today WebDesignDepot brings you another awesome set of exclusive Photoshop brushes which include 24 high resolution “Sparkling Light Effects”. These brushes are completely free for both personal and commercial use, so you can create any type of project with them with no restrictions, with the exception that they do not allow the redistribution of the brushes in any shape or form.

35 top tutorials to learn how to make Photoshop brushes.

What’s to say? If you want to know how to create Photoshop brushes, head on over to PhotoshopWebsite. They’ll give you the juice to get you going.

63 Heraldic shapes.

PShero took this huge .EPS file and imported each object individually from Illustrator to Photoshop to create all 63 Custom Shapes. No licensing stipulations were listed on the source page at DeviantArt and none are expressed here. Enjoy the shapes.

Snowflakes Brushes.

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various snow and snowflakes. This includes various flakes in different shapes, of course, but some of them are patterned, others are vector, some are crocheted, there’s some scattered flake shapes, as well as some made to look like real snow that you can add to any scene to make it look like it’s snowing. Go to Brushess.