January 2010

Free Heavy Scratches Photoshop Brushes.

Since one of Dawghouse’s favorite design styles is grunge, here is a set of Free Hi-Resolution Heavy Scratches Photoshop Brushes. The set comes with 10 different scratches brushes which would be perfect for any of your designs with a worn-out, grunge or vintage theme.

Quick tip: How to load Photoshop Brushes.

Understanding how to manage your collections of Photoshop brushes is essential if you want to learn how to use them effectively. Learning how to clear and then load a new set of brushes into the Brushes Palette is just the first step. This quick video tutorial at Colorburned demonstrates how to clear your brush palette of the default brushes and then how to load a completely new set of brushes so that you can work unobstructed.

Over 500 free Photoshop Retro Brushes.

If you are one of those designers who finds retro fashion fascinating, NaldzGraphics presents a set of Photoshop brush resources that you can download and use for your designs. 500+ Free Photoshop Retro Brushes are compiled for your perusal.

Dried Blood Splatters Photoshop Brushes.

These splatter brushes at PhotoshopTutorials were created with watercolor dried on lightweight paper to simulate the look of dried blood. Like their Glossy Blood Splatter Photoshop brushes, these can be used to create blood, paint, or paint in UV light. This set contains 117 blood splatter brushes.

High-res heavy watercolor spatter Photoshop Brushes.

Watercolor effects are a pretty popular trend in web and graphic design right now. To come up with such an effect, don’t think you really have to paint on an actual canvas and scan it. You can pretty much achieve the same effect using Photoshop brushes, plus, you can probably save more time doing so! In this freebie, SixRevisions are giving away sevenHigh-Resolution Heavy Watercolor Spatter brushes to add to your design resources. Paint away!

December 2009

35 tutorials for creating and mastering Brushes in Photoshop.

NaldzGraphics have previously posted several free brushes that you can download and use for your designs. For a change, they have collected several tutorials for you to create your own resources. Yep, you read it right! 35 Tutorials for Creating and Mastering Brushes in Photoshop so that you can read through for tips and techniques to create your own brushes. They have even included some pointers for managing your brushes

Vintage Grunge Brushes.

NaldzGraphics have collected over 50 Free Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets to download for designers out there who are into vintage-inspired designs. I know there’s a lot of this stuff out there, but this compilation is quite impressive.

Streaks of Light: 40 high resolution Photoshop Brushes.

Colorburned has released a set of 40 high resolution Photoshop brushes for creating streaks of light. It seems like each set of light effect brushes he creates just keep getting better and better.

November 2009

Installing Photoshop Brushes (& GIMP!) Tutorial.

This tutorial  by ObsidianDawn will walk you through installing and using brushes from this site, and should be very similar to the procedure used to install brushes from just about anywhere. It is a beginner tutorial, so those just beginning Photoshop will understand it – but it’s not so tedious that more experienced users will be too bored.

Photoshop Brush Tool Guide – A Brush Tutorial.

In this guide at PhotoshopSupport, you’ll learn how to use the brush presets, create your own brush from scratch and modify its properties, play with blend modes and pressure controls, besides some useful tricks.