June 2009

Stupid name, cool brushes.

Brusheezy admits to having a stupid name, but it’s getting tough coming up with cool new ones. Perhaps they should have checked our post on Naming Rights and Wrongs. Either way, they do offer some interesting Photoshop brushes and patterns.


You can never have enough photoshop brushes. Here’s another ‘ultimate’ collection, this time it’s for Best Ornament Photoshop Brushes. Head on over to Minervity to add that extra edge to your design.

May 2009

Let there be light.

I’m a huge fan of abstract photoshop effects that play with light. Whether it’s a glow, fire, smoke, swirls or sparkles, abstract light patterns can be quite dramatic. If you’re a fan too, Creativenerds have 45 photoshop brush sets for you to play with. Oh yeah, they’re free.